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5. Place a row of standard bricks end to end, angling them slightly, so that they form a circle following the outline of the fire pit bowl. Set the fire pit bowl inside the brick circle. The first thing you need for your fire pit is a flat, fireproof surface. If your chosen spot for the fire pit isn’t already flat, use a shovel to carve out space. Removing dirt rather than adding dirt to create a flat surface offers greater stability since the ground is already compacted. Build a fire pit for not much more than the cost of a flimsy store-bought fire ring. With tips from a veteran bricklayer, we’ll show you how to make a fire pit in your backyard. Backyard fire pits are still all the rage, and for good reason. There’s nothing like a crackling fire to draw friends For the base of the fire pit you can either install fire brick or sand. We opted for sand because the installation is SO much easier, it’s much less expensive, and it’s a piece of cake to clean up. Brick Fire Pit Construction Is Easy! Yes, if the Firepit and Grilling Guru can do it, so can you! Fire pit construction is not that difficult, it just takes some supplies, some space in your backyard and a some time to work on it. The fire brick will form the flame retardant interior wall of the fire pit. The outside edge of the fire brick should meet the inner circle marked after digging out the footing, but double check by measuring 12 inches back from the face of the first row of stone. Place a dollop of mortar on top of the cement footing, and set your first fire brick. To set the next fire brick, butter the edge of .

Our pit was only about 3 ft. dia. when we moved in. I’ve since made it 6 ft. and am still collecting stones/rocks. Only had one break in the heat, and the piece just fell into the pit instead of coming at me at warp speed. YMMV Come to think of it, I need to shovel out some of the ash. The fire pit insert is 9″ high and each block is only 4″ high, so as you can see in this photo the lip of the insert protrudes an inch above the blocks. This didn’t look too great so later I used a rubber mallet to pound the insert into the dirt an inch. This was a pain in thecantikbut was totally worth it. What kind of bricks or stones should I use for a fire pit, don't want them to blow up? Ok, now I'm nervous. I decided to build a fire pit in the back yard on the grass. Adding a DIY fire pit to your backyard is an excellent way to keep the fun going long after dark. Instead of an unsightly dirt fire pit, spend a day making a new statement piece for your yard. If you’re wondering how to build a fire pit — we’ll show you how! When selecting and building your DIY fire pit, make sure you avoid using wet .

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